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1¡¢What is solar energy boiler
Solar energy boiler improvement is a solar energy system made up of division systems such as solar energy collector, pipeline, water tank, electric controllability appliance and so on, it can produce massive hot water and steam, this system is also named as ¡°solar energy boiler¡±.
Along with the unceasing matureness of solar low temperature hot water system technology, the solar mid-high temperature hot water system technology is also unceasingly improved, to instead of traditional boiler by using the solar mid-high temperature system technology is one inevitable trend.
The solar mid-high temperature system boiler researched and developed by Huayuan new energy Project Company who is direct by the institute of electrical engineering Chinese Academy of sciences and Tsinghua University can produce 100-300 centigrade hot water ,steam and hot air, may widely apply to the daily drinking water, the steam, the heating, the air conditioner, the electricity generation, the spinning and weaving, the printing, the papermaking, the rubber, the seawater desalination, the livestock cultivation, and the food processing, ect., everywhere of life domain ,where hot water and the hot steam needed, moreover, the solar trough mid-high temperature system boiler can combine with the thermal energy technology such as biogas , electric power, petroleum and so on, which is the focal point of new energy and conventional energy union application at the moment.
As the solar energy boiler use solar energy to produce the heat power, can instead of conventional energy consumption up to 50%-90%, so it can reduse the cost, and raise the economic efficiency; Because no emission and no pollution, this system is the environmental protection and energy conservation equipment, and the social efficiency is remarkable, so it is the most optimal item to realize the goal to reduce the exhaust.
2¡¢Solar energy boiler improvement
The solar energy boiler improvement is a compound technical project for achieving the goal to conserve the energy and reduce exhaust, by using solar energy thermal technology to transform the conventional coal-burning, the fuel oil, the fuel gas, the electricity, the methane and other energy boiler.
Huayuan new energy project company utilize the solar mid-high temperature system technology with the proprietary intellectual property right and other boiler improvement technology, under the premise of using the solar energy boiler improvement first, to improve the traditinal boiler. Through to use the afterheat recycling, the condensation water recovery, the fractional combustion and consummate the combustion control system, the sensing system, the dregs system, the control system, the energy conservation effect may up to 10%- 30%.
3¡¢Government give the Solar energy boiler improvement project Support policy and preferential measure
The solar energy is renewable energy source, and the solar energy boiler prospect is considerable, in addition, the investment returns-ratio is high, the equipment depreciation rate is low, so the solar energy boiler improvement is the more ideal option for enterprises and institutions and it is also the reason for government to give support policy and preferential measure to this kind of project.

Appendix one: National and local support policy and preferential measure
Appendix two£ºHuayuan new energy seminar striving for the preference and support
Appendix three£ºProject Demonstration




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