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Solar barbecue stoves
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Main features:
1. high temperature: It needs short time to bake food, the taste is delicious.
2. Portability: With simple operation, small volume, light weight, the oven as a whole can be folded. 
3. energy-saving and environmental protection: Without any fuels (just sunshine), it is smokeless, fireless, the genuine low carbon environmental protection. 
4. Safety in utilization: After you put food in oven, you do not need take care of it, just need
take food out after enough time, do not need bear high temperature of sunlight, do not need have the consideration of smoke, fire, electric shock and other potential safety hazard. It does not cause any harm to you when you stay in natural scenic spot.
5. Green food: The party that oven is touched with food use international food and stainless steel. During baking, there is no any hazardous substance. You can enjoy safe and delicious food.        


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